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Creating Quality Macintosh Software Since 1984

Since 1984 John V. Holder has been creating high quality and affordable Macintosh software products. Below is a list of our latest shareware, click to get a description of any product or download the latest version.

** Very important note about OSX Lion! **

The OSX applications below do not work well with the latest OSX release (Lion) and we currently have no plans to update them. Before upgrading to Lion:

ScrapIt Pro X users: You should export all data into individual files from within ScrapIt Pro X. See documentation for full info on exporting data.

EZNote X users: All items in EZNote X are already individual rtf files, no need to export, just keep the EZNote X Folder with all sub-folders and files to be available to any other text editor.

OSX Applications

Classic (OS7-9) Applications

Latest Games

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