KeySwapper Description

Date of release: 10/29/99

Are you missing any keys on your new iMac, G3, G4, PowerBook or iBook keyboard such as the Forward Delete key, End key or the function keys F13-F15? Wishing you had these keys? Well, now you can have those keys with KeySwapper!

KeySwapper will allow you to use any key(s) you like to emulate other keys that your computer may not have (such as the Forward Delete key, the Page Up key, the End key, function keys F13-F15, Delete, Arrow keys, etc.)! You can also disable the Caps Lock key if you wish (very useful for PowerBooks that seem to always have the Caps Lock key down when you didn't want it that way! :-)

This program performs functions that will benefit any Mac user and is extremely simple to set up and use. You can now define all those useless function keys on your extended keyboard (or any other keys) to perform extremely useful tasks!

New Features in1.11

New Features, bug fix in 1.1

System Requirements

Download: KeySwapper (208k)

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