QuickPop Description

Date of release: 7/1/96

QuickPop does just two things, but was designed to do them very well. This program performs functions that will benefit any Mac user and is extremely simple to set up and use. You can now define all those useless function keys on your extended keyboard (along with any other keys) to perform useful tasks!

The first is to allow you to assign "Hotkeys" to up to fifty (50) applications, documents, Apple Menu Items, control panels, FKEYs, monitor depth (colors) or speaker volume settings. When the "Hotkeys" are pressed from within most any application, the selected item will instantly launch (or change speaker or monitor settings).

The second is to allow you to have a menu pop up anywhere on the screen when you hold a key (option, command, control or shift in any combination) and click and hold down the mouse button. From this pop-up menu you can launch your favorite documents, applications, control panels, FKEYs, Apple Menu Items, change monitor depth (colors) settings, change the speaker level or switch to any other running application.

New Features in version 2.0

Can now use up to 50 "Hotkeys". Users can now set up category folders in the QuickPop Folder for much better organization! Can now set "Hotkeys" to switch between running applications (previous, next or by showing a list to choose from).

New Features in version 2.1

Fixes several bugs found in earlier versions. If QuickPop would not run on your computer before, that has now been fixed. Also, you can no longer assign the same key to two different items.

Bug fixes in version 2.11

Fixed bug that would cause some applications on 680x0 Macs to crash.

Some uses for QuickPop

System Requirements

Download: QuickPop (203k)

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