QuickScrap Description

Date of release: 5/15/2000

What is QuickScrap?

QuickScrap (QS) can do things to make your life so much easier when using your Macintosh. Have you ever wanted to be able to easily store a piece of information from any document you're reading or editing? Here's how it's done with and without QuickScrap:

Without QuickScrap:

With QuickScrap:

With QuickScrap, you can send the data on the clipboard instantly to a scrapbook file, a ScrapIt Pro file or a QuickScrap file (from now on all three file types will be referred to as a scrap file) by pressing a key of your choice (without having to open the Scrapbook or ScrapIt Pro at all)! The QuickScrap file can be used as a multiple clipboard containing as many as 100 items! You can have QuickScrap automatically copy any selection you've made in any document you're working on and send the data directly to a scrap file with one keystroke.

Another handy feature of QuickScrap is that you can set a OHotkeyO to allow you to type a quick note (or edit text on the clipboard) and send it to a scrap file without having to leave the application you're currently in.

You can set another key to open any scrap file, display all the items in a gallery view or alphabetical list view and allow you to select an item and instantly have it pasted into whatever document you're editing.

This program performs functions that will benefit any Mac user and is extremely simple to set up and use. You can now define all those useless function keys on your extended keyboard (along with any other keys) to perform extremely useful tasks!

Some uses for QuickScrap

Bug fix in version 1.21:

Changes in version 1.2

Changes in version 1.1

System Requirements

Download: QuickScrap (304k)

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