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Date of release: 6/20/2000

Try the award winning utility called ScrapIt Pro! Anything you can copy to the clipboard can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro file. Features full support of Apple's latest technology; Drag & Drop, QuickDraw 3D, Speech, and more!

ScrapIt Pro, is the editable, searchable multimedia scrapbook... and a mini-word and form processor to boot! Need a place to store, sort, display and search all of your text files, forms (invoices, addresses, contacts, etc.) , sounds, GIF files, JPEG files, QuickDraw 3D files and more? Look no further, ScrapIt Pro is the utility you've been looking for!

Bug fixes in version 5.52:

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Here's what some people are saying about ScrapIt Pro:

"ScrapIt Pro is to the Scrapbook Desk Accessory what a Power Macintosh is to an original 128K Mac. Not too many people use the original Mac, so why do we continue to use the Scrapbook?"
- George Louie (eWorld Senior Sysop, ZiffNet/Mac)

"...ScrapIt Pro is one of the best shareware packages available..."
- Norman Tiffany (SPUG Newsletter)

ScrapIt Pro was also very favorably reviewed with several other Scrapbook utilities (mostly commercial software) in an article by David Pogue in the September 1995 Macworld Magazine.

ScrapIt Pro is a simple to use yet powerful editable, searchable multimedia scrapbook which will allow you to archive and retrieve anything you can copy to the clipboard, import or Drag & Drop; sounds, PICTures, Text, QuickTime movies, and lots more.... all accessable at the click of a mouse! You can print thumbnail pictures or text lists of all items in any Scrap file. You can quickly and easily search through all the text items, item names or comments in a scrap file to find what you're looking for.

Use it as a mini-word processor and database; create or edit any text items, change fonts, style, size and color! ScrapIt Pro can play sounds or QuickTime movies; it can view all of a large PICTure by scrolling or shrinking the image to fit in the window; it can select and copy portions of PICT or Text items.

Some suggested uses: Store frequently used clip-art (GIFs, JPEGs, PICTs, etc.), email, letterhead text or graphics or sounds. Create different files to store different categories of data N instantly accessible at the click of a mouse! Keep your favorite recipes in one file, quickly create and store notes in another... or store them all together and search by index.

ScrapIt Pro will open any Scrapbook file (from Apple), SmartScrap, ScrapIt Pro, ScrapIt ][ or MultiScrap file.

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